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We have an in-depth understanding of selecting the right rug that fits in well with your interior. Art & Design Rugs offers exquisite hand knotted rugs that possess the essence of the historical art of rug weaving and fit in to our contemporary world. With the best of weavers on board we are able to create a fusion of contemporary and rich historical designs that add class to your interiors. We work with interior designers to create hand woven rugs in our factories in Tibet and India.

All Collections

Most of our collections are comprised of rugs from around the world and all are offered at reasonable prices.

Collectible Rugs

Some of the rugs that we offer are collector’s choice. Rug collection has been a pastime of monarchs and historic figures alike; King Henry VIII had a vast collection of rugs, many of which were included in his extravagant portraits

Oushak Knots

Oushak knots are the most durable knots in the Turkish weaving technique. They are stronger and more resilient than the Persian and the Tibetan form of weaving. Art & Design Rugs have incorporated these knots in to their contemporary designs

Contemporary and Transitional

You can effortlessly incorporate our timeless designs with contemporary interiors. We have a speculator collection of modern and transitional rugs, manufactured in our Tibetan and Indian factories

Designer Rugs

We also sell designer rugs to high end users.

Custom Order Rugs

You can select distinct patterns and color combinations to create your own unique design

Flat Weaves and Kilims

Our finely woven and artistic rugs add life to your decor and inspire a unique and classy design

Traditional Rugs

Add classic elegance and history to your decor with our wide selection of second to none collection

Wall Rugs & Cushion Covers

Wall rugs can add a vintage and royal touch to any room. Our range of wall rugs will enhance the richness of your decor.

Likewise, the covers add life to plain cushions and sofas. Choose from our wide range of cover designs to add spice to your room.

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"Keep in touch so as to follow up the novelties"